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National Health Insurance for foreign residents(外国人住民の国民健康保険加入について)

If you have permission to stay more than 3 months in Japan (*) and reside in Oyama City,
You should affiliate to the National Health Insurance (NHI), with the exception of the following cases:

Affiliate exceptions to the NHI

  • If your stay has expired
  • If your residence’s status is [short stay], [diplomatic], [official: foreign government employee]
  • [Specific activities] residence status: people and their companions who come for medical reasons
  • [Specific activities] residence status: tourism, shelter among others, people over 18 years old with accompanying spouse.
  • Those already registered in the social system of the country of origin with a signed social security agreement, and have an official certificate proving this inscription.
  • Those who are enrolled in the work social assistance health insurance (‘shakai hoken’)
  • Those who are registered as dependent on a ‘shakai hoken’, where the holder is affiliated.
  • If you are more than 75 years old (login in the system of medical treatment for person of advanced age)
  • If you receive social assistance.

If your stay is less than initial 3 months, and is based on technical training, family visit, artistic activities and specific activities, but is extended and if your documentation proves
that your stay is to be longer than 3 months you are required to register for National Health Insurance and must therefore make your registration.
For more information, contact National Health Pension Division Insurance.

Affiliation Method

Go to the City Hall, ‘kokuho nenkin’ section, with your passport (if eligibility is a specific activity [certificate of designation] is also required), residence card (certificate of foreign registration card, special permanent resident certificate, refugee temporary permit or temporary residence permit), personal number (my number).
It should be noted that people who work need to complete the form stating the status of Employee Welfare Insurance and it must be filled by the company.
If you move from another city to Oyama and want to continue enrolled in National Health Insurance, if you release your work health insurance, if you stop receiving social assistance, please present the necessary documents to the department of National Health Insurance, pension division.

  In these cases Requirements
When you enrolled in the national health insurance

When you move or change your address to Oyama city.

certificate of domicile previous, residence card, passport.
If you quit your company or when you are no longer affiliated with the social health insurance .
Credential indicating that quit national health insurance (applicable of all persons who have withdrawn) , pension booklet.
If you no longer receiving public assistance.
certificate that shows that you are not receiving public assistance.
If a child is born.
MCH book, guardian’s health insurance.
When leaving national health insurance 転出するとき
To change address to outside Oyama city.
Certificate of national health insurance, certificate of alien residency.
When you join the health insurancecompany(shakai), when your status changes to nonworking dependents, etc.
Insurance certificate from your work place.(shakai) (certificates apply to all members) Bring all the ‘kokumin-hoken’to be returned.
If you start receiving assistance from public funds
Official letter stating that you have started to receive public assistance.
On death
Certificate of national health insurance
Other 住所・氏名・世帯主に変更があったとき
If there is any change of address, family head or name changes.
Certificate of national health insurance, certificate of foreigner residence.
If your certificate is lost or damaged (go to the national division of pension branch facilities) It is not possible to issue it in the civil division section.
※However the short term certificate and qualification’s certificate may be issued only in the national pension division
Identification document (Individual Number Cards, driver’s license, residency card or juki card, others)
※The ID must have a photo
If you move temporarily to another district, city, town for educational purposes (Maru-gaku)
Certificate of national health insurance, certificate of admission.
入院や施設入所のため他市区町村に住むとき (住所地特例) ※対象施設に限る
If you are specifically hospitalized or institutionalized in a different city
※Only accredited institutions.
Certificate of national health insurance, certificate of admission.
If you are admitted to the long-term care insurance application exclusion, ‘kaigo’ insured type 2 (affiliate 40-60 years old) 【depending on the report of taxes of householder’s , the health insurance payments for long-term care insurance kaigo will be not necessary】(go to the national division of pension reception )
Certificate of national health insurance, admission certificate

※Any procedure will require identification documents and personal stamp. (You must appoint a power of attorney in the case of different households)

In the case of late registration in the national health insurance

To subscribe to the national health insurance (in case of shutdown of social insurance, etc ) to qualify you must retroactively and pay the national health insurance tax.
Also due to late registration, no refund will be paid from the national health insurance.

In case of late notification of shutdown of national health insurance

According to the date enrolled to ‘shakai hoken’ or when moved out Oyama, etc., the NHI will be shutdown. If you have lost the qualification of national health insurance of Oyama city, if you have changed your usual medical institution, or have changed the health insurance, please always contact the respective institutions.
Notice that if you used the national health insurance, kokumin hoken , after the date of acquisition of social insurance ‘shakai hoken’, you must return the medical expenses.
There may be occasions when you will receive notifications concerning the nonpayment of taxes, health insurance, etc.

●The Insurance Period has Changed

Please note that as of October 1st 2017 the period of Insurance has changed and now runs from August 1st to July 31st.

We will send out your insurance card in late July for the forthcoming period.

(If the deadline of stay of foreigners is prior to July 31th, the term insurance will be according to the due date of residence time. When the visa is renewed, please inform the health insurance section ‘kokuho nenkin-ka’)

Don’t use National Health Insurance if you have deregistered

If you enrolled in ‘shakai hoken’ or have moved from Oyama please notify the City Hall. Even if is for exceptional reasons as mentioned above, you will lose the qualification of NHI. Please return the card to the City Hall.
If you use the health insurance card to receive medical attention after its cancellation, you must return the cost of such care (70 ~90%) covered by the insurance.

About National Health Insurance Tax

The fee will be calculated for the whole month regardless of when you registered; independently if the joying procedure is per family, meaning that all the family members will be affiliates and the NHI tax must be paid by the head of the family.
Every year in July (if the affiliation is in the middle of the year, after a month of that date) the tax notice payment bill will be sent. Please pay it by the due date.
If there is any delay in the payment you will receive warning notes, possible recovery methods, etc. Or if the NHI benefits are eliminated, you might have to return the NHI card to the City Hall.
If you have problems to pay the NHI tax bills, please go to the City Hall as soon as possible.




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